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Scaling Textile Image Links

June 16, 2011

This is something that has been driving me crazy; plenty of sites (including Basecamp) use Textile still, and I often want to link an image in without formally downloading it, resizing it and re-uploading it.

All the Textile examples I found all show how to display an image inline via a URL, but none of them show how to resize the image, at least not in a fashion I could make work.  Some digging finally turned this up, and I figured I’d post this here for when I forget next time, and in case it’s useful for someone else.

A plain image is linked in as follows:


Resulting in: 

To force a specific size:

!{width: 50px; height: 33px;}!

Resulting in: 


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  1. dcorreia permalink

    No more. This feature was removed.

    • soundripple permalink

      Where are you trying it? I just checked and it still works correctly on Basecamp (Classic, that is) for me.

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